Hurricane Florence May Dump 40 Inches of Rain on Virginia, North Carolina

Some projections indicate that 40 inches of rainfall could hit coastal areas when Hurricane Florence makes landfall later this week. “At this time, the most likely scenario is for 1-2 feet of rain with a [maximum] of 40 inches centered on portions of North Carolina and Virginia from Florence,” AccuWeather meteorologist Dan Kottlowski said. Ryan Maue of also pointed to European weather models that indicate some areas may receive a maximum of 40 inches of rainfall from the storm. According to AccuWeather, the hurricane has the “potential to cause a storm record rainfall in North Carolina, Virginia and South Carolina.” The National Weather Service predicted up to 30 inches of rainfall “near the storm’s track.” The Federal Emergency Management Agency tweeted that Florence will result in “life-threatening storm surge, flash flooding, and river flooding as well as hurricane-force winds well inland.”