Cold Cases

'I Burned 5 Teens Alive'

Two men have been arrested in a decades-old case that the New York Post called, "one of the most sensational missing-persons cases in New Jersey history." One evening in 1978, five teenage boys went out to play basketball in a Newark park and never came home, allegedly because Lee Evans, now 56, and his cousins, Philander Hampton, now 53, and Maurice Woody-Olds, who died at 48 in 2008, tied the teens up in a row house and then burned the building. Evans reportedly contacted one of the victim's brothers 18 months ago to confess to the crime, and told the cops that the three men killed the teens because they suspected them of swiping a pound of marijuana. Evans and Hampton were charged with murder and arson and are being held on $5 million bail, the Los Angeles Times reports.