The News From Israel

Ignoring The Impending Abyss

Orly Halpern rounds up the news from Israel.

"On Army Radio, (radio host) Razi Barkai will examine every jot and tittle of the Ya’alon outline for 'equality of the burden' as compared to the Lapid outline, but he will not make any fuss about a few Shin Bet heads who say the government is leading us into the abyss."--Journalist Yossi Klein remarks on the local silence over the serious issues raised in the Oscar-nominated film, The Gatekeepers.

  • Today: Massive demonstration to release Palestinian hunger strikers - The disorderly conduct in the W. Bank in the last week and the enormous demonstrations calling for the release of hunger striking prisoners marks a significant rise in the regularity and the scope of activity, say security sources. (Maariv, p. 4/NRG Hebrew)
  • Stop on leaves - Because of fear of kidnapping by Hezbollah, soldiers, officers and civilian IDF employees now prevented from visiting numerous countries including: Thailand, Egypt, Jordan, Indian Kashmir, and Turkey. (Yedioth, p. 8)
  • The best defense is a strong offense - Testing of IDF officers reveals they are strong in offensive strategy, but lacking in defensive thinking. The Armored Corps records the highest scores in IDF combat doctrine, with an average 86.41%, while Combat Intelligence Collection Corps records the weakest score at 82.22%. (Israel Hayom)
  • Controversial drilling: Israel to award licenses to search for oil in Golan Heights - The announcement of the awarding of the licenses to Effi Eitam's Genie Energy will take place a few days before the arrival of Obama to Israel and is likely to cause a harsh international reaction in light of the Golan considered occupied territory according to international law. (Maariv, Morning Globes supplement, Yedioth, p. 26)
  • Director of '5 Broken Cameras' held at LAX - Emad Burnat, Palestinian co-director of Oscar-nominated documentary, claims was degraded at Los Angeles Airport by security; Burnat: "It kills me that even outside the occupation my son is second class." Michael Moore rescued him. (Ynet)
  • Nigeria arrests Iranian terror cell planning attacks on Israeli, U.S. targets - Security forces in Nigeria uncover terror plot to launch attacks against offices of USAID, Israeli container shipping company ZIM, and the Jewish cultural center in the city of Lagos. (Ynet)

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