Impeach Charlene Lamb

Four State employees lost their jobs over Benghazi. That's accountability.

Impeach who? Actually, I feel a little badly for Lamb even having to see that headline, if she does, but I used it to make a point.

Lamb is the best-known (because her name has already been in the press a bit) State Department employee relieved of her duties in the wake of the department's internal report on the Benghazi Sept. 11 attacks. Three employees were sacked, and apparently, says NPR, a fourth one, Eric Boswell, has also quit. The report was quite critical of the consulate's overreliance on local security and especially of a failure at Foggy Bottom to respond in a reasonable way to the repeated requests from Benghazi for more security.

And there you have it. Mistakes were made. The department studied the situation and assessed it. Four people have lost their jobs. That sounds like accountability to me. There's your "Watergate," wingnuts. This whole political hubbub has been a travesty and an outrage.

What's especially sickening is the way these totally irresponsible political hostage-takers like McCain and the rest of them, and all those Soviet apparatchiks on Fox, get the larger political world to buy into their appalling and evidence-free smear tactics. When I think of the amount of time I spent precisely piecing together the timeline of Obama's statements on this, and I'm not even a player, just an observer. And for what? To rebut a bunch of knowingly told lies by knowing liars who don't give a flying you know what about reality and care only about political power. It's disgusting. They're still going to gun for Hillary, of course. How about this time we make accusers put forward at least one scintilla of actual evidence that Hillary personally did something wrong here instead of just "raising questions" Jack Welch style? Sickening.