A Bang on The ear

In Memoriam: Olga Powell, Beloved Royal Nanny

Prince William is ducking out of a public tour of Newcastle today - leaving the job to Kate - to attend the funeral of his nanny Olga Powell, who cared for himself and Harry during and after his parents marriage broke down in the 1990s.

William and Harry continued to hold her in immense affection, aware that she provided the stability her parents could not. She was quite open about the fact that she looked on the boys as grandsons, and continued to stay in close contact with the boys. She wrote to Harry before his deployment in Afghanistan, wishing him luck.

There's a charming piece in the Mail today on Olga, containing, amongst other details, the information that she was the only person authorised by Diana to give the boys 'a clout round the ear' if they misbehaved.

Olga's own life was marred by the death of her husband when she had been married for just four years. She never remarried, throwing herself into life with the royals instead.

When Charles and Diana seperated, Olga stayed with Diana while Charles hired Tiggy Legge-Bourke. When young Tiggy was photographed being greeted by Charles with a kiss, Diana is said to have comented that he 'never kissed Olga.'

In a final act of generosity to the boys, Olga has asked for donations to be sent to Harry's kids charity, Sentebale, in lieu of flowers.