Injured Overwhelm Gaza Hospital

A report from a hospital in South Gaza paints a grim picture of the human toll of Israel’s ground offensive launched a day ago. In the city of Khan Yunis, Nasser hospital has already sent 11 people to the morgue, while many others have suffered horrific injuries. A 25-year-old woman had shrapnel rip through most of her body, embedding itself in her brain and gouging out her left eye. In the next bed over, an 18-year-old boy is now paralyzed on his right side after shrapnel entered his brain. His 23-year-old relative has had a leg amputated. Four of their other relatives have been killed, including a four- and six-year-old. Another patient had shrapnel tear into his stomach, kidneys, and intestines. "They are innocents, people sitting next to their homes, people sitting with their relatives," a doctor at the hospital said. "Where should these people go?"