Inside the Justin Bieber Raid (and the Impromptu ‘Belieb’ Egg Hunt)

Cops raided Justin Bieber’s mansion looking for eggs. They arrested his friend for cocaine.

Kevin Winter

Justin Bieber is hosting an impromptu egg hunt. Police reportedly launched a “raid” on Bieber’s Los Angeles mansion, searching for evidence that links him to the infamous egging on his neighbor's house. There were six cop cars outside the house.

TMZ reports that Lil Za (the singer’s friend) was arrested at Bieber’s home for cocaine possession. The official statement: the coke was in “plain view.” The official statement, vol. 2: Bieber was “not connected” to the cocaine. The official statement, vol. 3: Bieber was very cooperative.

Bieber was reportedly being held in his garage (with seven other friends) while cops searched the house. The egging happened on January 9, causing a staggering $20,000 in damages.

TMZ reports that this was a felony search warrant, which brings in to question the serious nature of the attack. It’s unclear whether police looked for eggs in the house, or just for something suggesting that the eggs used may have originated from the house, or just for egg paraphernalia. Is there a difference? They used a battering ram?! The cops may have used a battering ram.

Here’s a video of the alleged egging. It's not pretty.

At this point, it’s important to ask yourself: Why do you hate Justin Bieber?

Originally, we wrote that Bieber is "just another teenager in drop-crotch pants whose worst offense is being caught with a bag of weed." Add felony egging to that list.

Meanwhile, somewhere, Harry Styles made scrambled eggs.