Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke Has His Own Special Flag Ritual

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke, already under fire for costly travel on charter jets, has reportedly implemented an obscure flag ritual to mark his presence at the Interior Department each day. According to The Washington Post, a security staffer is forced to climb up to the roof of the building and hoist a special secretarial flag whenever Zinke is in the building; the flag is then removed once Zinke goes home for the day. A spokeswoman for Zinke cited in the report described the tradition as a “major sign of transparency,” though other sources cited suggest Zinke’s extravagant habits have alienated some employees. In a speech to oil and gas executives, Zinke reportedly upset employees by lamenting that 30 percent of workers “are not loyal to the flag.” It was not clear what flag he was referring to. He has also reportedly commissioned commemorative coins bearing his name to give to visitors and staff. It is not clear who paid for the coins.