Investigators Probing Trump Associates’ European Travel

Congressional investigators are looking into several overseas trips taken in 2016 by Trump lawyer Michael Cohen, Donald Trump Jr., and foreign-policy advisers Carter Page, Jeffrey Gordon, and George Papadopoulos, Politico reports. Officials are reportedly focusing on specific travel to London, Paris, Budapest, and Athens that may have involved meetings with Kremlin-linked operatives—and have raised concerns about possible connections to Russian meddling in the presidential election. Investigators have found some advisers’ explanations for those trips suspicious because the explanations from the Trump associates have not been forthcoming—and some have even changed their stories under prolonged questioning, according to the Politico report. Carter Page, for example, initially told House investigators his 2016 trip to Budapest involved sightseeing and jazz clubs, but then later admitted to meeting with a Hungarian government official who investigators believe may be an intelligence officer. Page later said, “There may have been one Russian person passing through there.”