iPhone Customers Angry With AT&T

What started out as excitement over Apple’s announcement of the release of its latest iPhone is turning into exasperation with AT&T. The iPhone 3G S, slated for release June 19, will cost $99-$299 and include features like multimedia messaging and “tethering,” which allows users to connect their computers to the Internet through their iPhones. But AT&T, the iPhone’s exclusive carrier in the U.S., does not yet support multimedia messaging or tethering—and for existing AT&T customers not yet due for a rebate, an additional fee of $400 will be added to the price of each phone. AT&T users have taken to the Web to express their frustration with the network. “I cannot believe how AT&T is shafting current iPhone and future iPhone customers,” Twittered one customer. “First with the upgrade pricing, then the [multimedia messaging] and tether support.”