Iran Might Leave Nuke Treaty

Iran's parliament might consider stopping inspections by the IAEA and leaving the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty following a censure from the U.N. nuclear watchdog, according to senior Iranian lawmaker Mohammad Karamirad. The U.N. nuclear agency passed a resolution Friday calling on Iran to cease construction on its nuclear facility near Qom and stop all uranium enrichment. "The parliament, in its first reaction to this illegal and politically motivated resolution, can consider the issue of withdrawing from the NPT," said Karamirad, who doesn't speak for the government. The IAEA resolution, which said in part that the "possibility of military dimensions to Iran's nuclear program" can't be counted out, was approved by 25 of 35 states sitting on the board, including Russia, China, Britain, Germany, France, and the U.S.—a rare show of unity between the six world powers.