Iran Quits Parts of Nuclear Deal and Issues Ultimatum to Europe

It’s been exactly one year since President Trump made one of his most controversial foreign-policy moves: withdrawing the U.S. entirely from the landmark Iran nuclear deal. Now, to mark the anniversary, Iran’s president has declared his country will stop complying with two key commitments from the accord, pushing the animosity between Washington and Tehran into dangerous new territory. President Hassan Rouhani said Iran will immediately begin to build up stockpiles of low enriched uranium and heavy water, which is used in nuclear reactors. He added that he will now give Europe 60 days to choose between Trump’s sanctions or rescuing the nuclear deal by restarting oil trade with Iran. If Europe doesn’t comply, Iran will restart construction of a key nuclear reactor and ignore the limits on the enrichment of uranium, Rouhani said. “The path we have chosen today is not the path of war; it is the path of diplomacy,” he added.