ISIS Hostage Deadline Has Passed

Jordan have asked for proof of life before agreeing a prisoner swap with ISIS. The terror group's sunset deadline has now passed without news of a deal. An audio message attributed to Japanese hostage Kenji Goto Jogo emerged overnight demanding that Jordan surrender terrorist Sajida al-Rishawi at the Turkish border by sunset Thursday, or Jordanian pilot Muadh al Kasabeh would be executed “immediately.” The video was distributed via ISIS-linked Twitter accounts. “We are trying to confirm [the message], but we think there is a high probability that this is Mr. Goto’s voice,” said Japanese government spokesman Yoshihide Suga. He refused to comment on the status of Japan’s talks with Jordan, though Japan’s Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida said the two countries are working together on the hostage situation.

Jordan said that al-Rishawa is still in the country, suggesting the country will not meet the demands set by ISIS to deliver her to the Turkish broder by sunset. Jordan has said it is willing to exchange al-Rishawa for its pilot.