Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Could Be Indicted in Third Corruption Case

Israeli police announced on Sunday that there is enough evidence to indict Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in a third corruption case, according to CNN. The police said in a statement that they have uncovered evidence implicating the embattled politician in bribery, fraud and breach of trust offenses. CNN has called the investigation “one of the largest” facing Netanyahu and his closest confidants. This case involves the relationship between Israel’s Ministry of Communications and an Israeli telecom company named  Bezeq, while Netanyahu headed the ministry. Netanyahu allegedly pushed for regulatory perks worth up to $280 million to his pal Shaul Elovitch, who was Bezeq’s controlling shareholder. Elovitch, in turn, gave Netanyahu positive news coverage in on a website that he owns, authorities claim. Netanyahu and Elovitch have denied the allegations. “The police recommendations against me and my wife do not surprise anyone. These recommendations were decided and leaked before the investigation had even begun,” Netanyahu reportedly said in a statement about the allegations. “The police recommendations have no legal standing. There was nothing because there is nothing.” Netanyahu is also implicated in two other corruption cases. In one case, he stands accused of pocketing $280,000 in goodies from foreign businessmen. In the other case, Netanyahu allegedly talked about limiting a newspaper’s circulation, so that he could get favorable coverage from a competitor.