Israeli Lawmaker: IDF Has ‘Enough Ammunition for Everyone’

A Likud lawmaker said that the Israeli Defense Forces have “enough ammunition for everyone” when asked if he was worried about a possible border breach on Monday. “[Security forces] won’t let anyone put soldiers, and certainly not civilians, in danger,” Avi Dichter, chair of the Foreign Affairs and Defense committee for Israel’s legislative body, told Hadashot TV news Monday afternoon. “The IDF has enough bullets for everyone. I think that ultimately, the means that the IDF prepared, whether non-lethal, or if needed, lethal, in cases where it’s justified by the open-fire regulations—there’s enough ammunition for everyone.” He said he was “unconcerned” about a border breach, according to The Times of Israel. Dichter also said the unrest at the border was due to Hamas, and claimed they were “seeking to provoke similar rioting in the West Bank.” Fifty-two have died and 1,200 were injured when the IDF used live five on protesters rushing the border Monday.