Israeli Prez: Hamas Will OK Ceasefire

The ever-outspoken Israeli President Shimon Peres called killing Palestinians in air raids a moral dilemna with no solution until Hamas stops firing rockets. He predicted that the Hamas leadership will soon have to accept a ceasefire, which they refused to do on Tuesday, because the Palestinians are suffering so greatly and "nobody will feed them for just shooting rockets." He also praised Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas, calling him a "real and serious leader who is ready for peace." Ninety-year-old Peres, who served as prime minister three times, has only a week left in his seven-year presidential tenure. He's taking the opportunity to subtly critique the government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, saying in the interview he was wrong to want to control of part of the West Bank to prevent jihadi infiltration. Meanwhile, Netanyahu responded to Hamas' refusal to stop firing missiles, pledging to "intensify the campaign against it."