It’s A Good Thing This Scene Was Deleted From ‘Frozen’

Sisters like to giggle. But these 45 seconds would’ve changed the film.


Disney has released a deleted scene from the Oscar-nominated Frozen on YouTube. And it’s a good thing it was deleted, too.

The deleted scene shows Anna (Kristen Bell) and Elsa (Idina Mendez) hanging out before Elsa’s coronation as queen of Arendelle. Like typical sisters, a giggly Anna and Elsa try on each other’s clothes. Their relationship isn’t strained at all. It's also the only warm moment they have between the film’s opening scene and the final moments on screen.

It’s cute and fun, so why’d Disney cut it?

After the “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?” sequence, audiences see how isolated Elsa really was. In the deleted dressing room scene, she lets Anna in. While she shows her heart isn’t as icy as her powers, she needs to keep herself separated for the sake of narrative consistency.

These 45 seconds of sisterly affection would have changed Frozen. The cold shoulder Elsa casts against her will is crucial to the plot. After all, if Elsa and Anna saw how strong their bond was from the beginning of the film, there wouldn’t really be a Frozen, would there?