Jackass 3D Reviews

The Jackass franchise returns this weekend with its grotesque, frat-like pranks hitting theaters in another dimension. Friday marks the release of Jackass 3D, the third big screen incarnation of Johnny Knoxville’s MTV stunt-heavy show. Though it’s predicted to take the top spot at the box office this weekend, some say these stars have lost their luster. “The element of half-crazed, death-defying danger that was present in all previous Jackass endeavors has faded, perhaps pushed out of the picture by girlfriends and wives and kids,” Cinema Blend reviews. Still, seeing their crazy antics in a new way may be well worth it to fans. “The 3D is utilized exactly as it should be for a Jackass movie,” according to ScreenRant. “For the majority of the film, it is lowbrow, over the top, and in your face. This is not an intimate exploration of the world of the Na'vi, this is a balls in your face, puke-fest.” Enter if you dare.