Jackie O.'s Affair with RFK

The Kennedy saga grows stranger with each passing year. C. David Heymann's new book, Bobbie and Jackie: A Love Story, claims that Robert Kennedy, the married senator and father of 11 kids, had a steamy affair with Jackie Kennedy after his brother died, according to the New York Post. Among the book's shocking admissions: Jackie, not RFK's wife, instructed doctors to pull the plug on the senator after he was shot; socialite Mary Harrington saw Jackie sunbathing topless and kissing RFK; and Commerce Department administrator Kenneth McKnight showed up for a meeting with RFK and found Jackie straddling his lap. Heyman spent two decades researching the book, during which he looked through old FBI and secret service files, and obtained recollections from Kennedy family insiders, including friends Gore Vidal and Truman Capote.