Trouble in Neverland

Jacko Postpones Shows

When Michael Jackson announced an end-of-career concert spree in London that would begin this summer, some said it was too good to be true. Turns out the doubters may have been right: The Wrap reports that Jacko is postponing his first four concerts, pushing his first show back five days and rescheduling the other shows for March of 2010. Promoters say they need more time to set up complicated stage machinations, but The Wrap reports that sources close to the King of Pop say he is "physically, emotionally and professionally unable to perform." If Jacko pulls it together, expect show-stopping performances, with "fantastic elements including a jungle with elephants, monkeys and parrots, a high-wire act with Jackson performing like an airborne Peter Pan—and even a duet with his 12-year-old son Prince."