Jacko to Unveil New Dance Move

Michael Jackson's much-heralded end-of-career concert series won't all be rehashing: Publicist Randy Phillips says the King of Pop is "working on a new move. Something like the Moonwalk, but different," referring to the signature move that cemented Jacko's place in dance history. In an interview with the Daily Telegraph, Phillips discussed Jackson's concert comeback in epic terms: "We finally made Mohammed come to the mountain of the O2," the London stadium where Jackson has 50 shows planned. He also downplayed the role Jackson's shaky finances played in the star's decision to return to the stage: "I asked him straight off: Why say yes to the tour now? Was it the money? He said, 'you know what, my kids are old enough now.'" Jackson originally agreed to only 10 concert dates, but Phillips' company, AEG, convinced him to 40 more. Phillips also noted that Jackson's comeback could be good for the recession: "Forgetting tickets, the local economy will get $500 million."