James Comey: Justice Department Investigated Four Americans Connected to Trump in Summer 2016

Former FBI Director James Comey told Congressional investigators Friday that the Justice Department was investigating four Americans connected to Donald Trump in the summer of 2016 for potentially helping Russia meddle in the upcoming election. The previously unknown details became public Saturday evening when the House Judiciary and Oversight committees released a transcript of the closed-door testimony about Hillary Clinton’s emails and possible collusion between Russia and President Trump’s campaign. “We opened investigations on four Americans to see if there was any connection between those four Americans and the Russian interference effort. And those four Americans did not include the candidate,” Comey said referring to Trump. He noted that he and fellow former FBI agent Peter Strzok, who has come under fire for partisan text messages about Hillary Clinton, were among a small group of people in the world who knew about the probe and it did not leak. Comey went on to say that the FBI and the Department of Justice had not yet confirmed the names of the investigations four subjects, and therefore wouldn't give any more specifics. The chairmen of committees on Saturday also announced in a statement that they were not able to finish their inquiries and Comey will testify again on Dec. 17.