Comey: Mueller Had Enough Evidence to Charge Trump

Is there a better way to mark the second anniversary of your firing than lobbing a grenade at the man who ordered it? At a CNN town-hall forum Thursday night, two years since he was dismissed as FBI director, Comey said the Mueller Report contains enough evidence to prove Donald Trump obstructed justice—and that there’s “no doubt” he would have been charged if he wasn’t president. Host Anderson Cooper asked Comey if he agreed with a letter signed by hundreds of former federal prosecutors declaring that Trump would have been charged with obstruction if he wasn’t in office. “I agree,” he responded, before going on: “The president is not above the law and I don’t accept the notion that because the president is the head of the Executive Branch, he can’t ever obstruct justice in connection with Executive Branch activities.” The comments clearly angered Trump, who sent a late-night tweet calling Comey “a disgrace to the FBI” and the “worst director” in its history.