James O’Keefe Believed Roy Moore’s Accusers, Despite Working to Debunk Them

James O’Keefe, conservative troll and founder of Project Veritas, told Mediaite in a new interview that he actually believes the women who accused failed U.S. Senate candidate Roy Moore of sexual misconduct—despite his extreme (failed) efforts to debunk their stories. “Yes [I believe them], but it’s not my subject matter,” said O’Keefe, whose employee pretended to be a rape victim in interviews with The Washington Post. “That’s not what my investigation was about. It wasn’t about the victims, it was about the bias in the media.” O’Keefe also defended the methods used by his activist. “You think posing as a [rape] victim is hardcore? You should see a lot of the other aliases we use,” he said. The Post reporter who O’Keefe was attempting to dupe later turned around the attempted sting and reported about the fake victim’s plot.