Japan Nuclear Reactor Has Possible Breach of Core

Another possible setback in the struggle to contain the damage from Japan’s Fukushima nuclear reactors. Officials say high radiation levels in the water inside the plant indicate a possible breach of the reactor core, though they went on to say that it could also be from venting or leaking pipes. The water, 10,000 times more radioactive than normal, came in contact with two employees, who suffered skin burns and were hospitalized. The workers, who were laying electrical cables in the basement of reactor No. 3, kept working despite their radiation detectors sounding the alarm. Meanwhile, Chief Cabinet Secretary Yukio Edano asked residents living within 18 miles of the plant to leave, but specified that the evacuation was voluntary. "It has become increasingly difficult for goods to arrive, and life has become harder," said Edano, offering transport out of the area for anyone who wanted to go out of the evacuation zone for anyone who wants to leave.