Jeanine Pirro: Whoopi Goldberg Screamed at Me Backstage at ‘The View’

Following her combative appearance on The View Thursday morning, Fox News host Jeanine Pirro told her colleague Sean Hannity on his radio show this afternoon that her fight with moderator Whoopi Goldberg continued backstage. “When I went off the stage, Sean, I was walking down stairs, and I said something like, ‘Whoopi, I’ve fought for victims all my life,’” Pirro said. “And she said ‘F you’ in my face, literally spitting at me. ‘F you, get the F out of this building!’” According to a separate Page Six report, Pirro initially refused to appear on the show if she had to share the stage with anti-Trump Republican Ana Navarro, who was filling in for regular co-host Joy Behar. The second of two on-air segments went off the rails when Pirro, who was promoting her new pro-Trump book, accused Goldberg of having “Trump Derangement Syndrome.” Eventually, Goldberg had enough and shouted, “Say goodbye, I’m done!” When the show returned from commercial, a calmer Goldberg told viewers, “I very rarely lose my cool. And I’m not proud of it. I don’t like it. But I also don’t like being accused of being hysterical.”