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Jersey Shore Season 4: Snooki, Pauly D, and More Best Moments Video

From a drunken arrest to an accidental striptease, catch up with the guidos and guidettes for season 4.

The Debut of Snooki’s Cookie

In true Snooki fashion, “Snooks” (or “Snick” or “Snickers”) ascended upon Seaside Heights for Jersey Shore’s first season with a bang. The 4-foot-11 guidette splashed into MTV infamy on her very first day, introducing herself with a “party’s here” and wasting no time getting down. Snooki hit the bottle hard, crashed a party in the hot tub, and then stripped down to her bra and leopard-print thong. Watch as she makes her drunken debut and tries to make out with five of her roommates.

GTL Is Born

The boys of Jersey Shore have forever changed the English language—their most significant contribution being the legendary “GTL,” short for gym, tan, laundry. In order to maintain that certain je ne sais quoi, a guido must always remain fresh and mint. To accomplish this feat, it’s necessary to have a rigorous daily routine, consisting of pumping iron, getting greased up in a tanning bed, and ironing one’s Ed Hardy T shirt. See the boys do what they do best to ensure they are ready for an awesome night out.

Snooki’s Face Meets a Fratty Fist

Blood is thicker than water, but nothing is thicker than a guido. The Jersey Shore roommates came together when a fellow bar goer took things too far and sucker-punched Snooki square in the face. The gang rallied instantly, with the girls checking to see if she was hurt and the guys flexing their muscles out on the boardwalk.

XOXO, Guido Gossip Girls

It’s best to address problems head on. So, of course, Snooki and her big-breasted partner in crime, JWoww, did the opposite. They penned “the note” in the name of “girl code,” but executed the friends-come-first approach with the discretion of a gorilla juicehead. After Ronnie hooked up with girls that weren’t Sammi, her roommates Snooki and JWoww went to an Internet café to type up the truth. When she saw the note, instead of being mad at her unfaithful boyfriend, Sammi was furious to see that the confession was anonymous. What followed was a series of explosive fights: Sam vs. JWoww, Sam vs. Ron, Ron vs. everyone, and so on and so forth. Watch the nails, hair extensions, and tan fists fly!

When Vinny Met Snooki …

The rule at the Jersey shore is to never fall in love, but in Miami, anything goes. That’s the approach Snooki and Vinny took when they drunkenly smushed after a wild night out. The evening had romance written all over it—a “want to f--k” was met with a “sure,” followed by some belching and slurring that really set the mood.

Angelina Goes Down Swinging

Say goodbye to the Staten Island dump … again! Angelina became the most hated person on Jersey Shore’s first season and went home early, with trash bags of her belongings in hand. Though she jumped ship early in Seaside Heights, she returned for season 2 in Miami, but she never infiltrated the inner roommate circle. After clashing with the cast again and again, she packed (suitcases this time) for her second early exit. Youse better watch her final moments of catfighting, hair pulling, and lots of bleeping.

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A Stripping Situation

“I’m like a walking holiday,” season 3’s Angelina replacement, Deena, proudly declared, thus kicking off her many words of wisdom. The self-proclaimed blast in a glass joined the cast for their return to Seaside Heights for the third season of Jersey Shore and made quite the first impression. As is customary when entering the shore house, the spicy meatball drank way too much and ended up in a bad situation. Watch her strip down to the point of embarrassment, accidentally revealing her “nana,” unaware of how much she was taking off.

The Fight That Shook the Shore

Ronnie and Sammi break up and make up as often as The Situation changes his T shirt. But there was one fight in particular that’s cemented in Jersey Shore history. During a brief period when Ronnie and Sammi weren’t together, “single Ronnie” came out, the argument turned physical, and the roommates were forced to step in. Always the gentleman, Ronnie called Sammi a “selfish bitch,” and Sammi responded with a repeating chorus of “I hate you.” Their epic battle ended with Ronnie destroying their bedroom and Sammi skipping town to escape the drama.

Snookin’ for Bail Money

An important life lesson—don’t tell a cop to “get the f--k off” of you. Snooki took a trip down sloppy lane and showed viewers what happens when a day at the beach turns sour. Drunk and disorderly, she face planted in the sand, resisted arrest, and ended up in the clink. Tearful Deena and JWoww called her dad, who stepped in to make bail and clean up Snooki’s mess.