Jessica Chastain Leads SNL Women in #TimesUp Anthem

The 2018 Women’s March comes to ‘Saturday Night Live.’

Long before #MeToo was a trending topic, Jessica Chastain was actively speaking out about gender inequality in Hollywood. She is a prominent participant in the #TimesUp campaign and recently led the charge in defending Michelle Williams when she was paid 1500x less than Mark Wahlberg for reshoots on All the Money in the World.

So when the Molly’s Game star emerged to deliver her debut Saturday Night Live monologue this week on the day of the 2nd annual Women’s March, it was no surprise that she took these issues head-on.

“Everyone knows women never forget an anniversary,” Chastain said. “So today hundreds of thousands of people were out there for the cause. And they are so, so brave because it is the worst flu season ever. God bless them. I wish I could have been there marching alongside them.”

With that, she was joined by Kate McKinnon, Cecily Strong and the rest of the female cast members for a musical performance of Lesley Gore’s “You Don’t Own Me.”

“I am so excited we’re doing this,” Aidy Bryant, who moments ago had been giving Trump credit for bringing women together as Sarah Huckabee Sanders in the cold open, said. “I got us all P-hats. I can’t say the real word because it’s just one of those words that only the president uses.”

“You mean pussy hats?” Leslie Jones asked.

“Ladies, we were strong last year and we will be even stronger this year,” Chastain said, before singing, “I’m young and I love to be young, I’m free and I love to be free to live my life the way that I want, to say and do whatever I please.”