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Jessica Simpson Angry at John Mayer

Jessica Simpson proved the old adage "don't get mad, get even" true today—by going on Oprah. John Mayer was ostracized by the public for a revealing, boneheaded interview he gave to Playboy last month, during which he said sex with ex-girlfriend Jessica Simpson was like "napalm" and compared her to "crack cocaine." After initially telling Oprah she wasn't angry, Simpson backtracked, saying she was "a little bit angry" about his kiss-and-tell session. She joked "I could have been worse," and that her phone was "ringing off the hook" because of his positive comments, but more seriously said she didn't accept his written apology. Simpson also touched on the media's fascination with her weight (a topic that coincides with her new reality show The Price of Beauty), saying the fact that she was famous last year for gaining 10 pounds was "ridiculous." And those infamous "Mom Jeans" that sparked name-calling across the Internet? Simpson said they were a size 4.