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JetBlue Flight Attendant: Best Job Walk-Off Ever?

This man deserves a plaque or something: A JetBlue flight attendant fed up with a rude passenger took to the airplane’s PA system to cuss out the man, then grabbed two beers, activated and slid down the emergency inflatable slide, and went home Monday. As the plane was landing, the passenger sprang up to get his baggage from the overhead bin; flight attendant Steven Slater told him to sit down, and the man refused. The baggage fell on Slater’s head, but instead of apologizing, the passenger cussed at him. So Slater grabbed the microphone and said, “To the passenger who called me a motherfucker, fuck you … I've been in the business 28 years. I've had it. That's it." Slater slid away and drove home, where he was arrested on charges of criminal mischief, reckless endangerment, and trespassing. Several Facebook pages have popped up supporting Slater and his I-can’t-take-it-anymore act, the kind most Americans have only dreamed of.