Apology Accepted

Jill Kelley Praises Petraeus's Return

Welcomes an apology from the military 'icon.'

In my discussions with Jill Kelley, I always had the impression that she felt as badly for David Petraeus and John Allen as she did over the scandal's impact on her life in Tampa. Not that what happened to either man was her fault. But she was friends with these generals and saw up close the damage to their careers. Allen, whose email correspondence with Kelley came under scrutiny, recently retired rather than face questions during his nomination to be NATO's top commander. And Petraeus, who resigned as CIA director in November over his affair with Paula Broadwell, edged back into the spotlight Tuesday with an apology-laden speech. So I thought it might be a good time to ask Kelley her reaction. She was upbeat, obviously relieved that Petraeus's time in purgatory may be coming to an end. "I'm very happy to see my friend General Petraeus back in the public light," Kelley told me. "He is an icon to our military, and an asset to our country and the free world. Nothing can reduce or will take away his tremendous accomplishments."Beyond Kelley's admiration for Petraeus, she may feel that his reentry into public life could help her put the matter behind her as well. Said Kelley: "I do not believe the last chapter of General Petraeus has been written....and anticipate his best is yet to come."