Jimmy Carter: End The War on Drugs

Former President Jimmy Carter is seconding the report bythe Global Commission on Drug Policy that earlier this month declared the waron drugs a failure and called for a new approach. Instead of following Carter'slead and decriminalizing small amounts of Marijuana and using treatment overprison, Carter says in a New York Times op-ed, President Ronald Reagan began a“futile” campaign to stop drug imports that resulted in an enormous expenditureof resources, increased drug-related violence, and the skyrocketing of the U.S.prison population. “Not only has this excessive punishment destroyed the livesof millions of young people and their families (disproportionately minorities),but it is wreaking havoc on state and local budgets,” says Carter. “Maybe theincreased tax burden on wealthy citizens necessary to pay for the war on drugswill help to bring about a reform of America’s drug policies. At least therecommendations of the Global Commission will give some cover to politicalleaders who wish to do what is right.”