Jimmy Fallon on Trump Episode Criticism: I’m Never Mean to My Guests

Jimmy Fallon has been reluctant to discuss the widespread criticism he received from critics and commentators following his silly and mostly substance-free late-night sitdown with Donald Trump last week. But cornered by a cameraman from TMZ after the Emmy Awards on Sunday, the Tonight Show host addressed the issue for the first time. First, Fallon said he cleared the bit where he mussed Trump’s hair with the candidate before he did it, because he’s not “one of those gotcha people.” Then, on the suggestion that he went “too soft” on Trump with his question, Fallon shook his head and asked, “Have you seen my show? I’m never too hard on anyone.”

Asked which candidate will be better at defending New York after attacks like the one that occurred over the weekend, all Fallon would say is “get out there and vote.” Noting that he will host Hillary Clinton on the Tonight Show on Monday night—in a pre-taped interview—Fallon added: “We’ll do something fun with her, too.”