Jimmy Kimmel: Bill O’Reilly Is Going to ‘Hell’

Bill O’Reilly, Fox News’ alleged serial sexual harasser, wants you to guess where he’s going on vacation. Jimmy Kimmel has some ideas.

Bill O’Reilly swears that the vacation he’s taking starting today has been scheduled for months.

As advertisers flee his show in droves over new revelations about sexual-harassment payouts, the Fox News host ended his program Tuesday night by telling viewers that “this time of year” he likes to “grab vacation because it’s spring and Easter time,” adding, “Last fall I booked a trip that should be terrific.”

For some reason, O’Reilly didn’t want to tell people where exactly he was going. “I guess he had a vacation planned and they were worried it would look bad if he quietly went off the air for a week,” Jimmy Kimmel said of O’Reilly Wednesday night. “So somebody over there thought it would be a good idea to turn his vacation into a contest. Viewers can go on his website and submit their ideas under ‘Guess Where Bill’s Going.’”

“All right. To hell, maybe? Is it hell?” Kimmel guessed, playing along. “No? OK, not hell. Maybe Coachella?” The host then suggested a “Rob Gronkowski booze cruise,” “Dollywood,” and “Kong: Skull Island,” each complete with photoshopped snapshot, before landing on his final answer.

“I know where he is: Bill O’Reilly is vacationing right now in Bonerland,” Kimmel said. “It’s all-inclusive. It’s actually a beautiful place.”