Jimmy Kimmel Moves to 11:30

Better get your sleep while you can. Late-night television will have three comics contending for your insomnia in the wee hours starting early next year, with Jimmy Kimmel jumping to the same 11:30 p.m. time slot shared by David Letterman and Jay Leno. “It’s all a bit scary, too, but it’s very exciting,” Kimmel said after the Tuesday announcement by ABC. “This was just a decision that ABC made on their own. We didn’t push them or bully them.” Disney/ABC president Anne Sweeney said that this is the veteran comedian’s time to shine. “This is Jimmy’s moment,” Sweeney said, adding that he stands poised to scoop up viewers tired of Leno and Letterman’s schtick. “Their audiences are diminishing, and Jimmy, who has now been on 10 years, is continuing to grow.”