Jimmy Kimmel Sums Up the Problem with Paul Ryan’s Obamacare Replacement

It’s starting to seem like Paul Ryan might not understand the concept of insurance, Kimmel pointed out.

Jimmy Kimmel is far from the most political late-night host. He even tried out a “Trump-Free Tuesday” recently. But when he wants to, he has an uncanny ability to look at a political argument from the outside and help boil down how little sense it actually makes.

On Thursday evening, he did just that with the Republicans’ problematic replacement for the Affordable Care Act.

He began with Trump’s so-called “charm offensive,” which saw the president inviting Republican members of Congress for a bowling night at the White House. “He can be very charming and very offensive,” Kimmel joked, “so he puts those together.”

“Trump has made it known that he doesn't want the new healthcare bill called ‘Trumpcare,’” the host added. “The president is a humble man, he doesn't like to put his name on things.”

But Kimmel reserved his most damning comments for House Speaker Paul Ryan, who has been trying to defend his party’s plan. “He said the reason Obamacare doesn't work is because it makes healthy people pay for the care of sick people,” Kimmel explained. “Isn't that how all insurance works?”

“Imagine trying to buy car insurance,” Kimmel continued. “'Hey, my car is fine. I'm not paying for those people who got in accidents.' It's like saying the lottery doesn't work because only one person hits the jackpot."