Jimmy Kimmel Trolls NH Voters with Lies About Hillary, Trump

Jimmy Kimmel Live just proved that people from New Hampshire are just as gullible as people from Hollywood.

When Jimmy Kimmel sends his roving reporter out onto Hollywood Boulevard to confront people with baseless facts, he calls it “Lie Witness News.” This week, he sent a correspondent all the way to Nashua, New Hampshire to do the same outside of a primary polling place and a new segment was born: “Exit Troll.”

To one voter, reports that Hillary Clinton had tried to cut Bernie Sanders’s brake line was just another example of the media trying to make her look bad. But to another, the suggestion that she would put Sean Penn on the Supreme Court simply confirmed that she’s “disgusting.” That same man couldn’t quite believe Clinton had said, “I’m freezing my tits off,” but it did prompt him to say she should go back to Arkansas and “climb back in the hole she came out of.”

When another man was presented with a quote that had Donald Trump finally admitting he was a Democrat, he replied, “I think it’s the first honest thing he’s said.”