Joan Rivers Storms Out of CNN Interview

Comedian Joan Rivers is famous for dishing out acerbic celebrity critiques, but apparently, she can't take it as good as she gives. Or, she is trolling all of us with a half-decent PR-stunt that she won't own up to just yet. Rivers awkwardly stormed off of a taped Saturday interview on CNN with Fredricka Whitfield claiming “this whole interview is becoming a defensive interview” and that the line of questioning was too “negative.” Rivers seemed a tad hypocritical, especially considering she has used “date rape” as a fashion compliment and claimed Jennifer Lawrence “has been touched up more than a choir boy at the Vatican." She also reportedly kept on her microphone even after she left the set, "as she continued to talk and dropped some rather unflattering four-letter words," said Whitfield. This perhaps purposeful oversight suggests Rivers was gunning for some extra publicit. She flatly denied that possibility, claiming in a statement to The Hollywood Reporter “I do not do, and never have done, PR 'stunts.'” Okay, Joan.