Jobs Plays FDR in Commerical

Who knew Steve Jobs had acting chops? The late founder of Apple plays a convincing Franklin D. Roosevelt in a spinoff of Macintosh's infamous "1984" TV commercial released exclusively by Network World. The nine-minute film titled 1944 features FDR (Jobs) at "war" with IBM, and was intended to inspire Apple to take on its competitor. A copy of 1944 was given to Network World by former Apple employee Craig Elliot, who says there has been "no additional circulation" of the film. In the clip, a young Jobs puffs at a cigarette and encourages a general on thephone: "Your battle will be long, it will be hard, but it will be won. I'm sure your victory will be great!" He hangs up and turns to the camera before adding a foreshadowing conclusion: "Insanely great."