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John Henderson at Wall Space is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

The Daily Pic: John Henderson hybridizes photos, paint and pixels.

Two “photographs”, both titled "Flowers", by a young Chicago artist named John Henderson. They start as found paintings, of one kind or another, which Henderson then layers with more pigment, then scans, then digitally manipulates so they seem to be floating “in front of” a neutral gray background, then prints as photos – in an edition of precisely one. Henderson’s work, which I saw in a group show at Wallspace in New York, acknowledges that paintings are first and foremost objects in the world with us, and that we mostly see them in photographs – and that today’s photos are nothing more than digital assemblages that could be the result of any amount of manipulation. I don’t often see art objects with this amount of visual complexity and conceptual sophistication – and yet I saw more of the same just this week, in the works by Andrea Longacre-White that I Daily Pic’d on Monday, from a show down the street from Wallspace.

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