John Oliver and Stephen Colbert Beg Trump to Speak to Robert Mueller

The former ‘Daily Show’ correspondents tried to flatter the president into perjuring himself.


When we last saw John Oliver on HBO, he was predicting a “nuclear apocalypse” in the wake of Donald Trump’s tweet about North Korea’s “short and fat” leader. And that was before the U.S. president bragged about how big his button is.

Three months later, we’re all somehow still here, which means Last Week Tonight’s fifth season will kick off as planned a week from Sunday. But first, Oliver stopped by his fellow Daily Show alum Stephen Colbert’s show Wednesday night to get caught up on everything he missed.

Oliver got noticeably giddy when Colbert brought up the latest developments in what the HBO host has dubbed “Stupid Watergate.” Despite the fact that Trump says he’s “looking forward” to speaking to Special Counsel Robert Mueller as part of the Russia investigation, his own lawyers are now advising him against it.

“I don’t doubt that he wants to talk, but he’s going to have to physically get through his lawyers first,” Oliver said, laughing. “He’s going to have to eat his way through their hands over his mouth, because they will tackle him to the floor before he opens his mouth in front of him. He would perjure himself before he finished his name.”

Turning to the camera, Colbert said calmly, “No, I think he would do a good job and I think he should do it.”

Catching on, Oliver added, “If I can just cosign on that, I know I joke around a lot, Mr. President, but I also think you would do an excellent job. And I too think you should do it.”

“Do it,” he repeated into the camera. “Do it.”

This is exactly what Trump’s most loyal allies are so worried about.