Former Temple University Student Found Guilty of Jenna Burleigh’s Murder

A jury found Joshua Hupperterz guilty of first-degree murder, among other charges, in the death of Temple University student Jenna Burleigh, local news station KWY-TV reports. The jury reportedly took an hour-and-a-half in their deliberations Wednesday. According to authorities, Burleigh, 22, was brutally punched, stabbed, and strangled in Aug. 2017. The two allegedly met at a pub in the early morning hours, and started to fight while they had sex in his apartment. Hupperterz, who also attended Temple University, allegedly stuffed Burleigh’s body in a blue plastic bin after the incident and moved it to his mother’s house. Assistant District Attorney Jason Grenell reportedly showed the jury a picture of Burleigh’s body in the box. “It is almost inconceivable,” said Grenell. “Thrown away, treated like trash … how could somebody do that?”