Journalist Ignores Iran Press Ban

Who says you have to get all your news from Twitter? Defying the foreign press ban, longtime Middle East correspondent Robert Fisk is cruising the streets of Tehran, witnessing firsthand confrontations between reformist protesters and supporters of Ahmadinejad. Fisk reports that a violent confrontation between roughly 10,000 Mousavi supporters and 15,000 Ahmadinejad supporters was avoided due to a comparatively small group of security forces. Interestingly, the soldiers actually protected the "Mousavi men," perhaps signaling a change in opinion among the authorities. Fisk also says that it is likely many more protesters have been killed than is being reported, as seven people were buried secretly by the police. In the correspondent's opinion, the movement is not an all-out revolution; it is a protest clearly directed at Ahmadinejad alone. As the protests continue, Iran's national soccer team has shown their solidarity with the reformist movement by wearing green arm bands, the color of the movement.