Judge Rejects Willie Nelson's Singing Plea Deal

Justice may be blind, but she isn’t deaf. A prosecutor in Hudspeth County, Texas, hashed out a “Crazy” plea bargain with country legend Willie Nelson. If the singer performed his “Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain,” paid a small fee, and pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor, Nelson could have gotten off the hook for a bust for six ounces of marijuana last year. County Attorney Kit Bramblett, who is admittedly a Nelson fan, said the deal makes sense because a courtroom rendition would constitute community service. But County Judge Becky Dean Walker, who has the final say in the case, told the Big Bend Sentinel: “Just because he's a star, I don't think he should receive any special treatment... As far as my court goes, I treat everyone the same." Walker said his punishment could be “a $100 fine and $278 in court costs.”