Judge Scolded for Jailing Domestic Violence Victim

A judge has been reprimanded by the Florida Supreme Court for jailing a domestic-violence victim who failed to show up to court to testify against her abuser. Seminole County Judge Jerri Collins was admonished for her “intolerable” behavior toward a Lake Mary woman last year. Collins jailed the woman for three days in July 2015 for contempt of court, and she was also caught on camera berating the woman for not testifying against her abuser. Florida Chief Justice Jorge Labarga on Tuesday criticized Collins on live television, ordering her to attend anger-management and domestic-violence classes. “Judge Collins, this is indeed a sad day for you, a sad day for the people of Florida, and a sad day for the judiciary upon which our people depend for justice,” Labarga said. “I cannot emphasize enough how intolerable your behavior was in this case.” The Florida Supreme Court said that while Collins had the legal right to jail the woman, she was needlessly cruel toward her.