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Julie Delpy, Chris Rock Talk ‘Two Days in New York’

Oscar-nominated actress-cum-filmmaker Julie Delpy’s filmmaking debut 2 DAYS IN PARIS centered on Marion (Delpy), a photographer struggling in her relationship with her neurotic, American boyfriend, Jack (Adam Goldberg). The film went on to become a huge indie hit, grossing nearly $20 million worldwide.

The French-American filmmaker has returned with a sequel of sorts, and enlisted comedian Chris Rock to play Mingus, her new boyfriend. The couple lives together in New York with a child from Marion’s previous relationship with Jack and things are going smoothly—that is, until her family, including father Jeannot (Albert Delpy, her real-life Dad) and sister, Rose (Alexia Landeau), decides to pay the couple a visit following the death of Marion’s mother. Rose’s new boyfriend, who just happens to be one of Marion’s exes, ratchets up the awkwardness, attempting to impress Mingus by quoting Salt-n-Pepa and buying weed in plain sight. Adding to her anxiety, Marion has an upcoming make-or-break photo exhibition.

The role of Mingus is an interesting departure for stand-up comedian-turned-actor Rock, and he delivers one of his most impressive roles to date as arguably the only sane, composed character in the picture.