Kate Caught Smiling and Twirling Her Hair At Sombre Veteran's Ceremony

Unlucky for Kate, she was photographed smiling and twirling her ringlets at a sombre veteran's memorial in London.

Its an old rule of celebrity that you never allow a smile to cross your lips at a funeral, and one that the future Queen of England will no doubt be learning the hard way this morning.

For Kate Middleton rarely puts a foot wrong when it comes to the tricky art of the public appearance but yesterday's appearance at the annual remembrance ceremony was a rare fail, thanks to couple of unfortunate pictures.

For this morning's photograph's on the front pages all show photos of Kate absent-mindedly twirling her hair and smiling at Princess Sophie.

While the accompanying copy does not suggest in any way that Kate was acting inappropriately, and it surely just a moment snapped by an alert photographer, pictures have an unfortunate way of speaking volumes, and these shots have undermined the serious message of Remembrance day.

Prepare for a grim-faced Kate at next year's event.