Kate Debate

Kate Debate

It's only three days since Kate emerged with her new bangs, and the British papers are full of hair-related features today.

The Daily Mail has a double whammy - an emotional piece by writer Amanda Craig on getting her hair cut when she was 22 after her heart was broken. She writes:

Like Kate, I also asked for a fringe, because a fringe feels like a screen you can hide behind…redictably — given that she and William have now been married for a year-and-a-half, and he has spoken in the past about his desire for children — Kate’s new cut has sparked speculation that she may be pregnant."

The Mail's second hair piece concerns attending the hirdresser with 32-year-old Heidi Agan, a Kate looklalike as she gets Kate’s new look.

Heidi says: ‘I love it, particularly the colour — it’s a lot more glossy — and the new cut makes it look thicker.

‘I was pleased Kate got her fringe cut — she needed to do something because it’s looked the same for years. I was getting bored with the same style.’

The Daily Telegraph warns that with the "Seventies-inspired fringe, the Duchess of Cambridge's hairstyle is set to be a lot more high maintenance" and adds, "Reminiscent of the sweeping fringe from which Lady Diana would peak beneath; this soft sweeping fringe marks a new brave era in the Duchess of Cambridge's beauty style. It's whole lot more sophisticated and dare we say it: 'in touch'."