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Kate is the number one front page star

Kate and Pippa’s domination of the front pages

Kate and Pippa Middleton are the only females regularly pictured on the front pages of British newspapers, an analysis of four-months worth of UK front pages by the group Women in Journalism has revealed.

The study looked at nine national newspapers in Britain over a four-week period this year and one of the things they collated was the gender split in front page photos. Kate was the number 1 front page presence, featured in 19 photos, well ahead of her closest challenger, X-Factor producer and judge Simon Cowell, with 13 front pages.

Pippa Middleton was the only other female in the top 10. And Prince William was the only other royal.“For the Middleton sisters, the wearing of a new hat or new dress could be enough to prompt a lead front page picture, in a way that would be unlikely to be the case, say, if Prince William or Harry stepped out in a new tie,” the study concluded.