She Bangs!

Kate Middleton Has a Fringe!

Ben Pruchnie / Getty Images

Royal fashion alert, folks, Kate Middleton has stepped out tonight at an event in Central London with bangs!

Yes, the dinky Duchess has finally changed her haircut. Gone are the long flowing locks of old and in their place a face-framer of a fringe. It's not exactly Rachel from Friends, but the glossy mane has undoubtedly been chopped.

Here at the Royalist we are still in shock/denial and unable to form a coherent opinion of the new look as Kate's smooth glossy blow dry has appeared unchanged for so many years now we had assumed the hair was set for life.

Kate unveiled her new look locks - most likely cut by her fave coiffeur, Richard Ward of Chelsea - at an event at the Natural History museum a few minutes ago.

Oh and the 'festive' green dress? We're saying nothing - except its nice and baggy in all the essential places, isn't it?